A No-BS Approach to Game Design and Monetization!

Are you weary of video games that incessantly attempt to extract the last cent from your wallet?

Are you frustrated with manipulative tactics that lead to endless spending on trivial experiences?
Well my friend, you are not alone!

The studio was established in 2016, and our headquarters are located in the Digihub in Shawinigan, Quebec.

The Core Team

Since its inception, the studio has introduced four games: SBK Team Manager, Vetrix, Vetrix Worlds, and One Lonely Outpost.

The core team of the studio consists of five dedicated members, and we continue to expand, collaborating with numerous contractors and consultants who share our enthusiasm for these captivating projects.

Nicolas Desrochers

COO / Producer

Johan Balan

Art Director

Emmanuel Floret

Founder / CEO

Creative Director

Félix Savard


Jérémie White

Game Designer