Vetrix Worlds

Released in 2023 - Vagabond Original IP

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The critically acclaimed Tetris-inspired VR Puzzle game is back with a feature-packed sequel!


Enjoy the game alone with our Arcade and Campaign modes, or get social with our all-new Co-op and Competitive Multiplayer Online modes. Will you master the Art of block stacking?




- Campaign mode

Become the Vetrix Worlds champion by completing many challenges all across the world!


- Competitive Multiplayer

When it's time to show your skills!


- Co-op Multiplayer

Share a puzzle with a friend! Double the fun, but double the challenge!


- Four Arcade modes

  • High Score: Reach the highest score possible in 5 minutes.

  • Time Attack: Reach the target score as fast as possible.

  • Survival mode: Play as long as you can.

  • Free mode: No time constraints, just relax and enjoy the ride.


- Special Shape Types

Adapt your strategy to our new shape types; the Ephemere and the Resistant.


- Power-Ups

Need a little help? We got you covered with our brand new Power-Ups; the Trash, and the Holder!


- Online Leaderboards and Achievements

Your friends should know who's the best!